Letter from Canberra – June 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 Edition of Letter from Canberra.  

Current topics of this edition;

  • PwC debacle
  • Supply led inflation, which in this country is near impossible to control
  • My Cataract Surgery – a follow up!
  • A “Better Way for Better Pay” campaign
  • “Above the Line” consulting to government 
  • The future of energy cost, our power bills – a feature with key questions for us all
  • My Phillip Schofield story
  • Inflation in Singapore
  • Recent Changes to the Fair Work Legislation – things you need to know!
  • Our China relationship and position.  
  • Stop harassing farmers
  • In short, things to know…
  • EVs here, compared to Norway 
  • Get used to intervention and more Big Government 
  • Balance Sheet discipline 
  • The US Debt Ceiling decision  
  • A Liberal revolution?

In short, Canberra News and Comments – things you may have missed 

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