Letter from Melbourne and Letter from Canberra
Our Letter from Melbourne and Letter from Canberra are the only Australian publications of their kind. The Letters keep subscribers abreast of recent developments involving government at a local, state and federal level.

The Victorian and Federal Government Wall Charts

The government charts series (Victorian and Federal) sets out the key stakeholders in government, from the Minister, through their advisers, the relevant department and service delivery agencies. A useful, time-saving publication, only $66 per chart. Updated annually.

The Victorian and Federal Government Footy Charts

A light-hearted look at who every member of Parliament barracks for on the weekend. Originating as a Victorian-focused chart, now expanded to cover a range of codes and allegiances Federally. Useful to plan chance encounters, and a conversation ice-breaker. Only $66 per chart. Updated annually.

Coffee Minister?

A useful chart listing Victorian government portfolios, and where you might find the relevant ministers for a coffee.

Big Thinkers

Written in 2009 by Alistair Urquhart and Scott Samson, a comprehensive directory of policy-makers and thinktanks based in Australia.

Specialist Directories

We have prepared many directories over the year, often at the instigation of clients or connections.