Affairs of State … independent & expert strategic leadership and commercial advisory services

We offer boards and executive leadership teams expertise to identify and validate opportunities, solve and support issues and critical decisions … and, we can guide and help build a bridge between business and all levels of government.

Affairs of State helps your organisation achieve optimum results; anywhere, anytime with no BS!

Established in 1993

  • Our expertise is our experience, our successes, what we have done and who we know!
  • We lead outcomes.
  • Our passion is for complex projects, visionary strategy, operational enhancements and doing things better and different in markets where change is constant.
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Current projects:

  • Tasmanian Supply Chain Recovery,
  • Heavy Transport & Equipment Renewable Energy transition strategies,
  • Titanate Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – end-to-end, full Turnkey,
  • Airline Operational Establishment,
  • Investment attraction, and
  • Strategic public and private sector advisory services