Letter from Canberra – July 2023

Welcome to the July 2023 Edition of Letter from Canberra.  

VALE Alistair – friend and mentor.

Current topics of this edition;

  • An editorial from NZ, including a NZ perspective, change at the RBA and what can governments do to help lower inflation?
  • Productivity & Executive Movement
  • Community & Precinct Batteries
  • If this is true…..more IR change to note
  • Feature article – Various stages of retirement!
  • Less ESG investment?
  • Price management  
  • The reality of political power!
  • In short, things to know
  • Net Zero Australia Report & Federal Government Key Fiscal Numbers
  • The Doom Loop
  • An AFL question
  • Provoking Thoughts
  • The Open, can Cameron Smith defend the Claret Jug?

In short, Canberra News and Comments – things you may have missed 

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