Working with Zenaji Energy Storage Solutions

Zenaji are the logical, local renewable energy storage solution partner, at any size and scale!

Zenaji is a Melbourne based, Australian owned, designer and provider of large scale battery solutions to meet demand for effective and scalable energy storage solutions.

Zenaji has a key role to play in Australia’s renewable energy transition projects across communities, within precincts and in many regional and remote locations.

Zenaji’s Lithium Titanate technology is the preferred battery technology for long term energy storage. It is the only technology which meets all the requirements and it is the cheapest way to store and retrieve power over the longest battery life.

Zenaji’s MD Dawson Johns has overseen the company’s product development from a provider of smaller, residential scale Lithium Titanate batteries through to large, grid connected energy storage provision. 

He says “Zenaji’s current project pipeline exceeds AUD300 million with a range of solutions across shopping centres, industrial and office sites, communities looking to better utilise solar energy and agricultural settings looking to improve utilisation of renewable energies.”

Mr Johns also highlights Lithium Titanate battery capability with regard to increasing charging capacity for electric vehicles, at work, at home or on the run!

Affairs of State has been engaged to develop a strategic and market engagement plan, driving adoption of Australian provided large, long term energy storage solutions into renewable energy transition projects.

Affairs of State will provide advisory services to assist with awareness and engagement across all levels of government and industry working to reach the country’s 2030 electricity targets.

Affairs of State will provide advisory services to assist with potential investment, and Affairs of State will help develop partnerships with organisations operating precincts, industrial sites, government locations as well as regional and remote locations where energy supply and energy transition is intermittent. 

About lithium titanate energy solutions

Lithium Titanate batteries are:

  • Scalable from 32kW to well beyond 500MW,
  • Lowest Lifetime cost per kWh of storage – less than AUD0.06 cents per kWh,
  • Extended Cycle life assures performance over more than 30,000 battery cycles, 
  • Multiple daily cycles – up to 10  per day without cell damage and load balancing,
  • Inherently Safe – No Thermal  Runaway,
  • Full Discharge – uses all the available storage.
  • 97.5% efficiency – Does not waste power. Patented BMS
  • Temperature Tolerant around Australia: -40°C to +60°C 
  • High Charge/Discharge Rate – 1C Charge and  2C discharge.

The Zenaji large scale battery can be located anywhere in the world from the tropics to the desert, from cold to hot regions. 

Zenaji  batteries can be scaled to suit the particular environment and requirements of each user. No job is too big or too small.

Zenaji technology can meet the most stringent battery tests including safety standards. Zenaji Lithium Titanate energy solutions are IEC compliant, regulated to Australian CEC Standards with United States UL certification pending. 

Zenaji AEON and Endless Battery Solutions deliver IP ratings up to IP65. 

Zenaji’s long term battery storage containers include everything the battery requires, for example air control, fire suppression systems, plug ’n play and scalability. 

Contact for further information:

Michael Holzer