Letter from Canberra – March 2024

Welcome to the March 2024 Edition of Letter from Canberra.  

Topics and reads in this edition:

  • Please read the editorial – which features a focus on Friends for Good, helping free people from loneliness.
  • Another NZ cricket disappointment
  • Not a right-wing Dutch PM
  • Establishing supply chain trust
  • What next for EVs in the second hand market?
  • Woke corporate calls
  • Trump vs Biden and a US Trump vs Biden and global threat assessment global threat assessment
  • Is there a rate cut this year?
  • The TAS State Election, our prediction
  • Home solar and batteries
  • March 2024 “things to know and consider”

In short, Canberra News and Political Comments – things you may have missed and would like to know.

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