Letter from Canberra – February 2024

Welcome to the February 2024 Edition of Letter from Canberra.  

Current topics of this edition:

  • Current leadership reflection is this month’s editorial
  • Government’s extra tax income and questionable policy
  • Do we need new golf clubs
  • Fuel price warning
  • Councils, keep focus on the 3 Rs
  • Year of the Dragon and Deflation in China
  • Manufacturer’s making the move to B2C
  • Mr Bean and EVs
  • Indonesia Facts and this week’s Election
  • Negative geared investment
  • Dementia and choosing the right to go
  • Extremist views in government are not good
  • Emission caps across vehicle brand’s full range
  • February’s things to know and consider

In short, Canberra News and Comments – things you may have missed 

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