Letter from Canberra – February 2023

Welcome to the February 2023 Edition of Letter from Canberra.  

Current topics of this edition;

  • Change needed at the RBA
  • Have governments caused this inflation period?
  • My own golf update
  • Ongoing travel disruptions 
  • Affairs of State, what we do
  • Suggested RBA action on fossil fuels
  • Australian Test XI, for third India encounter
  • Covid review needed
  • How, should Fawlty Towers return? 
  • How soon until wallets and cash are a thing of the past?
  • Sushi “terrorism”
  • Signs of a Good Employer Brand – by Employees
  • Tax impacts – WFH
  • Businesses that issue electronic invoices could have the right to require similar invoices from their trading partners
  • The economist advising Jim Chalmers 
  • The US debt ceiling 
  • Affairs of State consulting vision in 2023

In short, Canberra News and Comments – things you may have missed 

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