Letter from Canberra – April 2024

Welcome to the Masters’ April 2024 Edition of Letter from Canberra.  

Topics and reads in this edition:

  • Its a change of approach, a view on us and a whack at the AFL … that’s just the editorial
  • I preview the Masters and I review the just-gone TAS election
  • I analyse welfare growth, China’s ‘overcapacity’ and the changing focus to risk and regulatory burdens at Board level,
  • I talk about starting to Chair the Australian Loneliness Research Foundation
  • I present things to know about unsolicited bids to government, and,
  • I highlight the benefits appointing Interim Executives

I have changed the flow from news aggregation to more value adding on topics of interest, what I would do and what I think you should know in your own day-to-day business activities.

As always I welcome feedback.

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