Community Batteries & LOCAL Energy Storage Solutions

Recently we posted about our new client, Zenaji. This follow up post should be of interest to all our government, energy sector, asset managers, FM and precinct operator stakeholders.

You need to take note. 

Zenaji Lithium Titanate (LTO) scalable battery capability was developed over 5 years of design, testing and consultation with market leaders, inverter manufacturers, end users & installers. 

Zenaji is in Melbourne. 

Tesla just announced they will build LTO production capability. 

This technology provides significant upside to regional and remote locations where power supply is intermittent. Zenaji LTO solutions are ideal to support communities region and metro. They are ideal for precincts and production sites looking to implement more efficient energy solutions.

A successful LTO implementation in the NT has led to more Zenaji LTO batteries heading north. 

Note the environmental suitability and the fact that these batteries can last for decades being charged and discharged multiple times per day.

Zenaji LTO is ideal for EV charger solutions and, Zenaji, from Melbourne, can play a critical role in supporting clean energy transition. 

For example, Zenaji has the capability and capacity to provide a set of community batteries during the 2024-25 period – larger 3-5MW LTO batteries, medium 1-3MW LTO batteries and multiple small 50kW-1MW LTO batteries.

Any of these solutions could be scaled to hundreds of MW.

Energy storage is critical to efficient energy and the renewable energy transition. We can speak with you now, interested?