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We help with complex organisational and development issues, recovery, retention, governance, engagement, project management, communication and leadership.

At Affairs of State, a Strategist is a Coach and an Enabler.

We bring together the public and the private sector.

Over much of the past 10 years we have worked on some of this country’s most challenging issues, often at the point where government, private and community interests intersect.

Our experience covers areas ranging from industry development to emergency management to pandemic recovery to core economic growth and to many matters of Federal, State and Local government.

Strategic and Tactical Government Engagement Advice

Government Advisory

We work proactively to help clients gain access and develop working relationships with government and regulatory decision-makers, to connect with the right person at the right time or to build their profile with government in the longer term.

From triple bottomline ideas and results through to policy development, legislation, regulation and administration we have the experience to assess and assist critical decisions in the public and the private sector.

Retention and Recovery

Retention and Recovery Strategies

2020 and 2021 have seen the most impactful change on organisations, on workflows, on people, on interaction, on engagement, on how we work together for common goals and objectives.

Affairs of State strategic focus with organisations suffering revenue loss is on response building resilience. Recovery and prosperity in the shortest time frame.

Achieving real impact today requires us to stretch beyond strategic planning to develop at least one of a few signature strengths and identify business development opportunities. We must be able to lead operations and control costs, for strategy to be effective.



Organisations often need to present their interests to government, perhaps to secure funding or influence administrative decisions. Drawing on our active, politically-balanced network, we provide neutral forums or structured preparation for critical meetings, supporting our clients with:

  • Position papers and submissions, for example to departments and parliamentary inquiries.
  • Research, up-to-date overviews or detailed summaries.
  • Reconnaissance: who are the people who matter and what do they think?
  • Submissions to government departments.
  • An independent viewpoint to inform decision-making.
  • Strategies for dealing with a particular bureaucracy.
  • A targeted issues campaign; public relations.

Representation & Engagement

Representation & Engagement

Increasingly, organisations are being drawn to business opportunities that involve government and other industry players. We can alert clients to these opportunities and help bring interested parties in government and business together by providing forums or advice in relation to:

  • Business and development opportunities with government.
  • Formal and informal introductions.
  • Procurement processes for securing contracts.
  • Specific projects and contracts.
  • Securing and funding of government programs.
  • Raising your profile.
  • Rain-making discussions.
  • Keeping business on track and on time.
  • Expediting Issues & Disputes.

Critical Decision Support

Critical Decisions and Complex Issues

Affairs of State provides a suite of decision and resolution knowledge, experience and tools to multinational businesses, professional and industry associations, government agencies, pressure groups, NFPs in Australia and abroad.

Affairs of State can work through the processes of complex issues and critical decisions to achieve the right outcomes and strategies in areas of policy development, commercial matters, legislation, regulation, governance, diversification, trade and digital transformation.

We bring together the Public and Private sectors when it comes to critical decisions at the start of the important recovery period. 

Destination Recovery

Destination Recovery

We understand destination access planning and demand generation, we represent success in visitor economy design, growth and recovery. 

We can pitch and execute destination and access recovery commitments globally.

From triple bottomline results through to policy development, capacity and demand generation Affairs of State has the experience to assess and assist critical destination decisions.

We know how aviation and senior government works, yesterday & today.

Our Director and Principal Hans van Pelt has unique and extensive experience running airlines, an airport and heading up the access strategies for Tasmania, achieving significant airline capacity growth in static markets.