Victorian Election 2022

Monday after Election Day. Democracy has spoken and Dan Andrews and Labor have resoundingly been re-elected. It was expected but the result remains bewildering. 

Casting a mind back over the last few years, the things done, the debt position and so much more. We can’t revisit all that but the fact that an opposition could not present a viable alternate government is astonishing. The fact that this opposition has seemingly gone backwards defies believe. 

Or does it?

What did the Libs actually stand for? What policies were put in place to present an alternate position on debt, infrastructure, investment attraction, social services, energy supply, cost of living? Even health, where was the detail, the clarity in what Liberal stood for. This wasn’t just a monumental Liberal election failure, it was another example of values lost, principals forgotten, infighting and a blatant inability to position for government and defining how to make this place a better place. 

A bad leader will always be a bad leader. If you played the man look no further than the abysmal Tim Smith performance on the Sky News VIC election coverage or federally at the shadow Treasurer, the architect of the energy crisis! If these two and Matt Guy are the Liberal party, it’s done!

Fresh blood, new ideas, detailed policy work. I’d put my hand up, as long as there was a clean-out of those representing failure and being out of touch. Culturally representing people and making it a better place should be a skill based opportunity, not a privilege!

Anyone who did support Liberal is now faced with a Liberal alternative in name only. What does it stand for, how does it deliver social and economic outcomes, who does it represents and how does it becomes a viable alternate? There is nothing there. 

Assuming an electorate will turn to you because they don’t like the leader on the other side, no chance!

You must do the detailed work and present it effectively.