Critical Decisions & Complex Issues

Affairs of State provides a suite of decision and resolution knowledge, experience and tools to multinational businesses, professional and industry associations, government agencies, pressure groups, NFPs in Australia and abroad.

Affairs of State can work through the processes of complex issues and critical decisions to achieve the right outcomes and strategies in areas of policy development, commercial matters, legislation, regulation, governance, diversification, trade and digital transformation.

We bring together the Public and Private sectors when it comes to critical decisions at the start of the important recovery period. 

Whether it is transformation, contract negotiations, organisational reviews, diversification, recovery, right-sizing or sustaining new levels of business achieved this last year we can help assess and design critical decisions and, we can connect and represent business with government.

Often we can provide an alternative to using a lawyer. Organisations can experience regulatory difficulties that threaten their operations – we work quietly behind the scenes to secure negotiated or administrative solutions for clients ahead of costly, inconvenient legal outcomes. This may involve:

  • Developing alternative strategies with long-term benefits.
  • Identifying the person critical to solving the issue.
  • Informal meetings in a neutral forum.
  • Assistance with negotiations.
  • An independent view or second opinion. 

Let us know how we can help you;