Case Studies

A Wild Two Years
more to come…..

In areas of destination recovery, a mental health system struggling to cope with rapidly escalating mental health issues, a great community commerce idea and some, much needed tourism recovery.

The Last 5 Per Cent…
A large city law firm contacted Affairs of State. I asked, ‘Why do you need us? You know just about everything there is to know on the matter.’ The partner replied, ‘That’s right. We know we know almost everything. We want to be sure we know everything.’

Silver Service Place Settings…

An Australian director of a multinational corporation asked Affairs of State to organise a luncheon in honour of his visiting co-directors from America, New Zealand and the United Kingdom on the environment and environmental markets. After the majority of guests had departed, the senior director, with an expansive smile on his face, made the comment, ‘Don’t ever place me in such a situation again. I was surrounded by people so clever I concentrated on talking to them, and can’t even remember what we ate!’

Right Time, Right Place…

A serendipitous meeting in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, between Affairs of State representatives, a client and a state premier gave the client an opportunity to promote their business to the key political figure in their region.