Retention & Recovery Strategies

At Affairs of State, a Strategist is a Coach and an Enabler

2020 and 2021 have seen the most impactful change on organisations, on workflows, on people, on interaction, on engagement, on how we work together for common goals and objectives.

Affairs of State strategic focus with organisations suffering revenue loss is on response, building resilience. Recovery and prosperity in the shortest time frame.

For organisations who have achieved growth and participation much quicker than anticipated the Affairs of State focus is on retention, skill development, demand analysis and maximising returns. The going might be good but volatility remains, potentially bringing further opportunity you may not see.

For government entities looking at the important recovery period ahead the Affairs of State focus is on coaching, skill development, recruitment and bringing together effective public private partnerships. At this time, no sector or entity has all the answers and best next steps.

We need to collaborate, innovate…rejuvenate collectively.

Achieving real impact today requires us to stretch beyond strategic planning to develop at least one of a few signature strengths and identify business development opportunities. We must be able to lead operations and control costs, for strategy to be effective.

We need to understand where it is best to invest and best to cut. Without all that today, as a strategist, we should not be in the game.

Today, as a good strategist, coach and enabler you understand leadership over management.

As effective strategists we coach and mentor leaders on how best to respond, to build resilience, to recover and to prosper. We coach collaboration, understanding, innovation, compassion, operational control, recovery and transformation.

Can your business stay competitive as we near the end of 2021 and the all important recovery period ahead? Can your government organisation do what needs to be done?

Can you retain key staff and do you need help as work chases people?

Have you thought about an as needed COO, an on-call CSO or a virtual CIO?

We are here to help.