TEFLAS Case Study

Tasmanian Export Freight Logistics Advisory Service

Government & Stakeholder Engagement

Destination Recovery

Freight & Logistics Advice

Ongoing supply chain challenges

Affairs of State meeting with Tasmanian businesses assessed the impact levels and challenges arising from significant and ongoing freight and logistics disruptions.

Our team provided advice to the business suggesting potential short and longer-term improvements or solutions regarding freight logistics challenges.

We worked with relevant industry associations, the Tasmanian government, the freight and logistics industry as well as wider government and industry stakeholders to deliver the best possible advice and solutions for impacted Tasmanian businesses.

The objectives of TEFLAS provided by Affairs of State were to:

  • Help Tasmanian businesses to improve long-term competitiveness and viability through freight and logistics improvements, specific strategies to minimise supply chain disruption impact; 
  • Promotion and identification of collaboration across businesses and industry sectors to support broader supply chain improvements and export channel strategies;
  • Working with Tasmanian businesses and the freight forwarder network to identify and execute freight aggregation opportunities to ensure available freight capacity is utilised fully at the best possible price levels, and;
  • Document future freight demand requirements by Tasmanian businesses to aid TEFLAS outcomes and short to medium term freight activities.