Par Avion Case Study

Par Avion in flight
Par Avion in flight

Par Avion & Airlines of Tasmania Commercial Advisory Service

Affairs of State were contracted by Airlines of Tasmania for the provision of a business and operational review with a focus upon new commercialisation and revenue opportunity identification.

Airlines of Tasmania own and operate Cambridge Airport and Par Avion. Cambridge has been the primary site of aeronautics in Hobart from its opening in the 1920s.  it is the base of Par Avion, which specialises in day trips and scenic flights around Hobart and the South West Wilderness of Tasmania; the Aeroclub of Southern Tasmania; and Heli Resources, a Helicopter Company that focuses on aerial work and flights in Antarctica.

Our consultant, Hans van Pelt was the recent CEO of Launceton Airport and brought the operational expertise necessary for an airport management review.  Michael Holzer carried out a digital transformation review looking to leverage technology for new and alternative revenue streams.