Letter from Canberra (February 2022)

For those that missed it here is the February 2022 edition of Letter from Canberra.

Controversial, maybe? Attention grabbing, yes!
Is it correct going forward, we hope not and some early signs
are appearing, albeit with a long way to go!
We need a reset that prioritises the need to work together on
the important recovery period ahead. We need to care, to make
this a better place to live and work, to return fun, normality,
confidence and desire. Our kids need to dream again, the rest
of us need to convert hope into good stuff!
Reflections on how the public service has not missed a single
pay packet do not help. Let’s work on the plan, which is not
spending whatever it takes to be popularly elected, or re-
elected! We can do much better than waiting on someone to
lose an election over how Covid has been handled. That may
be too late, even if it could change the course!
At a golf club I chair, in an end to reactive business
management, we are using consultants from our industry
association to look forward, to audit how we operate against
best practice and to help us develop a five year, future business
plan and model. It is a needed reset!