Digital Transformation

Affairs of State is a Consulting and Professional Services organisation specialising in the deployment of senior consultants in roles where they will work closely with teams of client personnel to identify and achieve organisational goals, through the strategic alignment of objectives with current and emerging technology capabilities.

Our Digital Transformation Services

  • Digital and ICT Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Strategic Alignment Review and Optimisation
  • Business Continuity Planning and Assessment
  • ICT Capability Assessment
  • Benefits Realisation Planning
  • ICT Business Case Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Review and Planning
  • ICT Procurement Planning
  • Compliance and Controls Assessment
  • Advisory & Augmentation

Affairs of State offers proven, detailed project and program management and consulting services:

  • Program and Project Initiation Planning
  • Program Management Office Design
  • Agile Management Techniques
  • Benefits Realisation Planning
  • Program and Project Review
  • Program Governance or Assurance
  • Procurement & Contract Management
  • Commercial Management

Affairs of State offers Architecture and critical Solution Design to get to the right Digital Transformation – seek help if you are ensure

  • Information Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Business & Solutions Requirements Definition
  • Organisational Impact & Change Management
  • Applications Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Systems Engineering
  • Business Process Mapping and Redesign
  • Stakeholder Management & Communication Planning