Our Directors & Principals

Hans van Pelt

Hans has extensive public and private sector leadership experience, including recovery and  crisis management experience gained through the COVID-19 period

Hans is a strong decision maker and negotiator with significant strategy, communications and business development experience. 

Most recently Hans led, as CEO, recovery of Launceston Airport in a role that is also part of the Melbourne Airport Senior Leadership Team. Hans has twice held airline CEO leadership roles. 

Hans brings an extensive aviation and tourism industry contact network, Hans has extensive knowledge on how senior government now operates and he has rare successful destination and visitor economy recovery experience. 

Hans, like Michael, has led a bunch of other stuff including many trade initiatives in Australia and in Asia. 

There is so much with Michael and Hans can coach and demonstrate.

Michael Holzer

Michael is a highly qualified Governance and Assurance consultant operating at a program and whole of business level.

Michael has an extensive track record in digital transformation and innovation across many projects in the public and private sectors.

Michael has 25 years industry experience working domestically and international for large Australianand International organisations.

Highly relevant, Michael has delivered, managed and designed a number of high profile, highly effective digital transformation projects and Michael is at the forefront of the implementation of cashless society and voucher solutions. 

Michael has operated Strategic Executive Solutions for over 10 years, he has secured a range of Digital and Cloud Market place restricted government procurement approvals and he oversights all our Digital Transformation project work.

Our Consultants

With us stands the real talent, our people who for over 20 years have time and again delivered effective, on-time and on budget ICT & Public Affairs solutions.

They are based and operate around Australia and around the world.

If you think we can help your organisation please get in touch with Michael or Hans at enquiries@affairs.com.au